You’re about to construct the home of your dreams. But, before you start moving your stuff in and hanging family photos on the walls, you’ll first have to choose a home builder to realize your vision.

Before you do anything, make sure that your pool of potential home builders is comprised of licensed, certified companies who deliver all of their projects up to code. This is incredibly vital to the success of your project. In fact, it’s probably the most crucial decision you’ll make when selecting a residence builder. If your builder doesn’t have the proper certificates, licenses and permits, and doesn’t make certain that everything in your home is up to code, you will have big issues to deal with along the way. This could mean that your home does not get finished (either because the builder has closed up shop and walked away or has been forced to shut down by authorities) or that major problems arise after you move in.

Another important point to consider is a rather simple one: In short, do you like the kinds of residences the home builder constructs. To know for sure, ask to see their style homes or request some subdivisions and addresses of houses they have actually developed. The home builder should be happy to provide this information to you (and it’s a major red flag if there’s any hesitation). At this point, you’re ready to drive by the locations and see if you like the look and style of the homes.

There is so much that goes into constructing a home that price actually should be one of the last considerations. The main thing is to know what your spending plan is for your home so that you can clearly and easily relay this to the home builder. A good, reputable builder will help you get all the bang for your buck.

Obviously, there are scores of things you’ll have to think about before making a final decision on your house builder. Just remember that licensing, the design of your dream home, and the cost are absolutely the most vital.

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